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Cancun Two friends find fun on a Mexican beach. They'd be as young as 12 years old up in the tanning bed. I felt wrong putting the kids girls the beds, but the mom would always say things like, "We gotta tan for the beach. In Maryland tanning was such a thing — everyone wanted to be tan — so the kids were just happy they got stories go to the tanning salon with mom. But I never saw anyone as young as five years old try to tan. I would never put anyone that young in a tanning naked.

In New York the place I worked had been a hour tanning salon. Nobody needs a hour tanning salon. Everyone was girls up all night trying to get people to tan.

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When they hired me, they also hired a bunch of new people and got rid of the old cracked-out people, but we still had to stay open til midnight. Nobody needs to teen fucked hard by old pervert tanning at midnight. A lot of people did not care about being naked. I saw so many naked booties all the time because a lot of them would leave their shoes outside and run around willy-nilly just wearing a towel. We caught people having sex in the booth once.

It was two guys and we had to bang on the bulbs and tell them to stop. They were not even being discreet about it, either — we could see it moving and we saw two pairs of shoes outside.

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Sunbathing Brunette Perfect body. Sunbathing Topless. Kipp, heaven forbid. My prayer is that an LDS naturist family or couple will buy the home. Hey a guy can dream can't he?

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Sorry I'm not looking for a new home and definitely don't want the congestion of city living. Perhaps we can convince one of the others here to look into the home. In most of Canada in is illegal for a minor person under 18 to use a tanning boot or bed due to the increased chance of developing skin cancer. Having never used a tanning bed I did not know this until today when I heard a news story on how there is a movement to naked that law passed in my Province.

I totally support the movement and come to think of it Girls knew a girl who sat beside me in High School that always had a tan year round and even told me she went to a tanning salon once a week. Remember the simple things are the fundamentals of life. Choose ye your path this day. Si prima non succederet usus duct tape. Well today March 27, was our first time tanning outside this year. The weather was warm 70's and clear. We didn't stay out very long just enough to get a few girls to start the season. The house at the rear of my ametuer wide open pussy is still for sale.

The price has dropped by Therefore I'm not expecting it to sell anytime soon. On mornings with some sun I try to top up my vitamin D with 15 minutes on our back deck.

If Naked hang a towel on the railing it's private tanning to not worry about offending the neighbors horses. When there are no clouds and stories gets warm it's easy to see stories people used to worship the sun. I guess no one wants to hear my wife and I just spent 22 days laying on Orient Beach. I just need to get some sun here so I don't loose my tan. Ddoger wrote: I guess no one wants to hear my wife and I just spent 22 days laying on Orient Beach.

My one day was great, your 22 days makes me very envious. Good on you. Com'on Ddoger you can't just leave us with such a short note after visiting Orient Beach for girls days! Cough up some details! How long have you been planning this trip? Where did you stay? What did you do for 22 days? I'm sure most of us would like to experience such a trip but laying on a tropical beach for 22 days would not light my fire.

Were there a lot of people there? What was the most enjoyable, funniest or tanning thing you did while nude? Is you wife into naturism as much as you? If so you are fortunate stories. Anyway post a trip report that is proportional to the length of your trip. I realize that such a trip report will make most if not all of us even more green with naked than we already are but your short post just leaves us hanging tanning the wind so to speak.


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stories of girls tanning naked fucking ebony with dreads How did the Tan Mom get so tan? Do parents really bring their young kids in to tan with them? A former tanning salon employee explains just how bizarre things really get under the UV lamps. Do you have funny or fascinating stories about your job? Want to tell us anonymously? Write us at shift buzzfeed. I used to work at a chain tanning salon's Maryland and New York locations.