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During his interview with DailyMail. The year-old said in a drunk rage Pitchford grabbed his penis and testes as hard as she could 'for at least five seconds', adding: 'I've never felt a worse pain'. Pitchford was charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic battery and ordered held without bail because of the possibility she violated her probation.

My girlfriend is literally obsessed with my ballsack. | IGN Boards

It was squeeze, pull, rip'. On the afternoon of June 4, Sweeney said he and Pitchford argued over messages he found in her cell phone that seemed to indicate she was cheating on him with a man she met at a hairdressers' convention in Orlando. The two were eventually asked to leave the restaurant because Pitchford was crying uncontrollably during their breakup chat.

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she They visited several more bars, Sweeney said, and ended up at her house about am. Pitchford, however, appeared to be too drunk to walk and fell on the boardwalk, scraping her legs.

Sweeney said he with her back home, cleaned and dressed her wounds and placed her on the bed, asleep. He went into the bathroom, undressed and was about to go balls bed, naked, when she woke up.

Sweeney said the fight after a long day of drinking and arguing. He said he put a drunk Pitchford to bed and young hot naked jailbait girlfriend was about to go to bed when she woke up. Then she clocked me one good time on the side of the face obsessed it started bleeding. She was trying to rip them off.

I tried to dislodge her fingers and eventually did. Pitchford, he said, jumped on his back and placed him in a chokehold as they fell on the bed. There came a point when I couldn't breathe. The woman's grandmother, who slept his, eventually called to report the disturbance. Pitchford left the scene before police arrived but she soon returned, claiming she and Sweeney had an argument that never got physical. But when the police officers went to her bedroom to talk to Sweeney, he was still naked and bleeding.

Florida man tells how girlfriend squeezed his testicles until they bled | Daily Mail Online

When asked if he believes Pitchford aimed for his testicles during the fight or whether she just reached out as a 'crime of opportunity,' Sweeney said she wanted to hurt him. I was trying to get out, but she grabbed my genitals. I tried to dislodge her fingers and eventually did'. In fact, when local cops arrived at the house about am, they found Sweeney naked in the bedroom, bleeding from his scrotum and face.

Sweeney, who trained girl nude water hose an amateur boxer, said he didn't want to fight back so that he couldn't be accused of domestic violence and, possibly, lose his pot-growing license. ShaDowSep 7, Shenmue 3 Preview: 10 Reasons We're Excited. Every Wednesday at 3pm PT. Every Friday at 3PM!

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My girlfriend is literally obsessed with my ballsack. Date Posted: Sep 7, 1. However, one expert says the man will still be able to have sex in future despite the vicious attack. The court statement and a graphic picture makes clear that while his testicles were removed, his penis remains intact.

By Will Stewart.

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No balls! Did you know that balls move? Yes, they move in reaction to changes in temperature to keep sperm at just the right temp level. So his balls will verrrrrrrrry slowly move up and down and around like the giant lumps in a lava lamp.

On an aesthetic level, balls are ugly as shit and should be hidden from plain view at all times.


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