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Eugene Bell Trevor Moore Tucker Cleigh Raquel Alessi Cindi Whitehall Molly Stanton Candace Craig Robinson Hugh Hefner as Hugh M. Hefner Carla Jimenez Nurse Juanita Cedric Yarbrough Doctor Geoff Meed Fireman Rick Slade Pearce Young Tucker Eve Mauro Vonka Alexis Raben Katja Windell Middlebrooks Bouncer 1 as Windell D. Middlebrooks Lindsay Schoneweis Nice actor, hope he has more to do next time.

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One more actor we've seen before is Cedric Yarbrough of Reno ! He's another TV actor who may be hoping to break into movies. Hope he keeps trying. Hugh Hefner makes a cameo appearance, playing the same role that Stan Lee did in Mallrats: a legend who dispenses a few nostrums of his life's philosophy to try to get the main character to reconcile with his girlfriend.

The lesson, like everything else in the scenes at the Mansion, feels forced, unearned, and uninteresting.

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There are a few jokes that work, and Zach Cregger does a pretty nice job. Just as it seemed all hope was lost, a car pulled up with two lesbian women. They make a deal where the boys will drive while the girls are in the back with each other having sex. They make it all the way to the Mansion only to be stopped by bouncers at the door. Moments later, several fire trucks arrived, in search of Tucker. Tucker and Eugene manage to sneak into the mansion dressed in fireman outfits.

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The two march in separate directions girls outside, Candace forces her way into the mansion, followed up by her brother, Rick. Eugene, in search for Cindi, is suspected of being a stalker and is taken into a secure holding area, but not before being spotted by Cindi. Meanwhile, Tucker runs into Candace and darts back into the mansion, where he is spotted by the firemen. After avoiding the firemen, he tries to hide in the mansion and suddenly finds himself face to naked with Hugh Hefner.

Hugh and Tucker have a discussion about Tucker's issues, telling Tucker about the first woman he ever fell in love with who to Tucker's dismay, was not as good looking as the Playboy Bunnies of modern day, and had apparently died at a young age. Hefner tells Tucker that "there is a bunny in every woman", and that if Tucker can only see the "bunny" in those women, that he's on to something. Back in the holding area, Cindi comes in to see Eugene. Skin Podcast Mr. Miss Store Mr. Man Naked News Fleshbot Mr.

Please Sign In Username or e-mail address. Sex Drive College Van Wilder: Freshman Year Video EuroTrip Adventure Comedy. Van Wilder: Party Liaison Edit Cast Cast overview, first pakistani porn ganzo clip only: Zach Cregger Eugene Bell Trevor Moore Tucker Cleigh Raquel Alessi Cindi Whitehall Molly Stanton Candace Craig Robinson Hugh Hefner as Hugh M.

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Hefner Carla Jimenez Nurse Juanita Cedric Yarbrough Doctor Geoff Meed Fireman Rick Slade Pearce Numerous other couples make out and grope each another.

In an extended scene, two women strip naked and have boisterously explicit, prop-assisted sex in the backseat of a car while Tucker drives toward L.

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The camera ogles nearly naked women in bikinis, g-strings or high-cut shorts. Some of them wear only body paint. Playboy and other porn mags make several appearances.

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There's a shot of Eugene's bare backside and a close-up of the pubic region of a man born without a penis. The rapper expresses puzzlement and outrage when he hears that Eugene is still a virgin. He says he has sex with women in order to hurt them, not love them. And he raps about sexually conquering a "white chick. Obscene conversations are the norm; they run the gamut from discussions of anal sex to oral sex to premature ejaculation to a woman nursing a dog.

Graphic slang routinely stands in for sexual body parts and sexual acts. Tucker has nipple-shaped "dice" hanging from his rearview mirror.

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A sex doll shows up in one scene. Eugene's coma is induced by him falling down stairs, getting hit in the head with a toolbox—and then an entire shelving unit. Four years later, Tucker cracks the comatose Eugene in the face with a baseball bat. Eugene's doctor does the same thing to another patient.

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Though we don't see the blows, we hear them and see the resulting injuries. A woman is bounced out of a moving tour bus's window. Tucker stabs Candace with a fork, leaving her with facial wounds. While lighting a pipe, Tucker sets fire to and destroys a motel.

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Firemen attack Tucker and Eugene by throwing axes and trying to drive them off the road with their trucks and hoses. As he crudely confronts Cindi about her Bunny career, Eugene is repeatedly slugged in the face by a Playboy Mansion bodyguard who thinks he's being disrespectful.

In his weakened state, Eugene is pushed around, pushed into things, pushed over, hit and generally abused—all for laughs. View all New York Times newsletters.

Opens on Friday nationwide. Running time: 1 hour 29 minutes. Hefner as Himself.


naked girls in miss march real housewives nude ass Miss March is a minute road trip sex comedy from Fox Searchlight Pictures. As with other examples of the genre, like Road Trip and Sex Driveyou pretty much know what you're getting: naked breasts, some swear words, off-color jokes, and gross-out humor, and you can expect it won't be a very good movie. That's pretty much what it is, except that it's worse than miss expect, even if you expected it to be bad. It's actually pleasantly bad for the first hour, but the last half hour is nearly humorless, and feels twice as long. But the first problem is pretty glaring: there's no actual sex. The basic plot is this: Cregger and Moore play two childhood best friends, Eugene March and Tucker Naked, who grow up thinking about girls.
naked girls in miss march teens fucking drunk teen daughter Sign in. Watch now. Trevor Moore struggles through an insufferable brunch with his girlfriend and her friends as they discuss all the relevant issues of the day. Accompanied by a live band, dancing girls and music videos, Trevor Moore performs an hour of brand-new sketches and songs spanning all musical genres at The Gramercy Theatre in New York City. A nerdy valedictorian proclaims his love for the hottest and most popular girl in school - Beth Cooper - during his graduation speech.
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teen caught naked fucking in public The pair wrote, directed and star, playing the odd-couple best friends Eugene Mr. Creggerwho lectures for Abstinence Now! Moorea hound dog who runs the gamut of emotions from goofy to goofier. Cregger and Mr. After Eugene wakes from his coma, Tucker springs him from the hospital for a road trip. Destination: the Playboy Mansion.
isla fisher sexy fakes The film was released in the United States on March 13, They sneak into the bedroom closet of Eugene's brother, as he recently acquired a valuable Michael Jordan rookie card. Upon opening the box the card was in, Tucker notices that Eugene's brother has an issue of Playboy. March opens the magazine, instantly becoming obsessed with it. Three weeks later, Tucker's demeanor has changed to that of a hormone driven teenager, despite that he is only 8 years old. Fast forward naked years miss, Eugene and Tucker are girls in high school.