US to send 'mechanised forces' to Syrian oilfields

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Syria: videos of Turkey-backed militias show 'potential war crimes' | World news | The Guardian

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We are trying another approach. They also include several extremist units, who were responsible for the execution of the Kurdish female politician, Hevrin Khalaf, who was hauled from her car two weeks ago and shot dead by a roadside along with her bodyguards. Ankara has denied arabxxxvideos any atrocities in Syria amid reports it has used white phosphorus. Turkish military officials say they are investigating reports of executions.

PM Modi leaves for United Arab Emirates from Paris

Turkey pays the salaries of these fighters, trains them in Turkey and in northern Aleppo, provides them free medical care arabxxxvideos they are injured, and oversees arabxxxvideos operations. Turkey is ultimately responsible for the conduct of these factions. Topics Syria The Observer. Reuse this content. Most popular.


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arabxxxvideos xhamster1 Calls for war crimes black shemale elexa into the conduct of militias used by Turkey in Syria are mounting after a spate of new arabxxxvideos depicting Ankara-linked fighters torturing captives and mutilating dead bodies. Footage of atrocities allegedly committed by Arabxxxvideos forces in northern Syria is circulating widely arabxxxvideos Kurdish regions of the country, sparking fears of renewed fighting and a deepening ethnic divide in the region, even as a tenuous ceasefire begins to settle. A video purportedly posted earlier this week by arabxxxvideos Turkish-supported group shows a captured Kurdish fighter being dragged by the neck as his captors threaten him with beheading. Another shows dead Kurdish fighters being cut with a knife as Arab combatants jeer. Up toKurds have fled a battle zone along the Turkish border after a weeklong operation to push Kurds further into Arabxxxvideos. Ankara has openly stated that it aims to send up to a million Syrians, who are currently living in exile in Turkey, into the area it has since dubbed a safe zone. Where the newly displaced — most of whom are Kurds — will settle remains uncertain, as does whether the recent spate of ethnic violence can be contained.
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