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Where and how do I get the latest version? Check over your circuit carefully. Try to make shure, that IRQ has 9V when there is a rising edge at the reset pin. Click to see pricing and order Orderable Part Numbers:

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The Cyclone Pro is recommended for both development and production, while the Multilink cables are recommended only for development. Where and how do I get the latest version? User manuals and addenda are also available by clicking on "Documentation. Check over your circuit carefully. One thing to keep in mind: EXE Dos programming tool. Read data sheet for the "monitor rom" section.

MC68HC08 - MC68HC Resource & links page

How do I fix this problem? If your circuit is exactly like the ptog08sz design, and still doesn't work, consider changing out the microcontroller.

Close this comparisson table. The baudrate is fix and depends from the crystal used in your target. Click image to close.

Supplying the clock couples noise into the other MON08 signals, how can I decrease this?

I find that the most reliable way to enter monitor mode is to put high voltage on the IRQ pin, then completely depower and repower the chip. There is no connect if you not hit ;rog08sz correct baudrate. What is the problem? Whenever I issue a "stop" command to my running target, I seem to lose communication and I get the "Ping, Reset, Abort" dialog!

I run the programmer, reset the 68HC and the programmer reports the return value was 0x00 and an error of "device not calibrated". Nothing you'll ever find out in monitor mode. Prog08zz to see pricing and order Orderable Part Numbers: What is the problem? Click here to accept.

Please accept the use of cookies on our site At PEmicro we use web browser cookies in order to provide you with proog08sz enhanced experience and in order to be able to do things like shopping cart processing and identify you when you login to our website.

Do it once, by accident, and you will never be able to enter monitor mode again.

Prog08sz flash programmer social advice

Has an example of writing a programming script file and also of reading the programming result with a batch file. The software may be downloaded from PEmicro's website and used at no charge, but it is copyrighted software and may not be resold or redistributed. And tried to program the device using this programmer, but with no success.

Is it possible to stop a running HC08 target? And pemicro's tools are pretty good; never had a problem with them. Is there some simple way to do this from pog08sz Windows based application? I am interested in launching the CPROGxx command-line flash programmer from my own application, and reading the resultant error code. I am attempting to program external flash connected to my embedded processor.

The Motorola reference design I own a commercially-produced version of that board, in addition prog08szz my own circuits has an 8V zener diode to regulate the voltage.

I own PEmicro algorithms, software, or plugin. I am using one of your MON08 interfaces to debug my target and also to supply it a clock across the ribbon cable. Cannot any one give me some advice if their have come across this problem before, or prlg08sz advice would be helpful. But having major problems getting the device into monitor mode.

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