Guillemots trains to brazil

By | 15.03.2019

Can't you live and be thankful you're here? Why not add your own? He can't bare being around those who are complaining about trivial things and throws that at them.

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I got it the other day off of iTunes it was the iTunes freebie of the week. Far and away the best song of so far. General Comment But that doesn't make sense with the rest of brqzil song, particularly the "they'll still remind me of when we were at school" bit. General Comment So here is, to the best of my knowledge, the full and overanalyzed meaning of the song.

Guillemots : Trains to Brazil

The song is a social commentary on the state brazik the world today. We are all living with our "backs to the wall", and though he wonders when they'll "blow us away", he's just thankful to here for as long as he can.

It sounds like a mass generalisation. Lyrics submitted by Shadesedited by Pandetech.

It could be that she's just an example of a reason he's happy to be alive, but I think she may have been a victim of terrorism herself.

Fyfe discusses the ever-present feeling of distrust and suspicion as a result of terrorist attacks, which resulted in the wrongful murder of the aforementioned Brazilian man on the subway last year.

No Replies Log in train reply. There are so many factors to be brought into why people express grievances over things. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

As for the meaning, here goes: General Comment The bit that goes: User does not exist. It just slightly comes across that way. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Add your thoughts 41 Comments. We do not have any tags for Trains to Brazil lyrics.

Trains to Brazil - Wikipedia

Login with Google Error: General Comment Helpful, maybe? Trains to Brazil is found on the album From the Cliffs. As for the girl referenced in the song, the one he still "thinks about on cold winter mornings", I'm a little less confident. I took it to mean that the protagonist was adopting a 'cheer up, it might never happen' mentality to people who he doesn't even know he's grouping 'those of you' so that suggests to me that he's addressing anyone who falls under what he's saying rather than picking out individuals who he is acquainted with.

Like derekdavies says, he bemoans the fact that people are miserable when they are still alive, you never know when it's goin to be ur last day.

Guillemots : Trains to Brazil - Vidéo dailymotion

I do like the idea of those final lines being a massive rant after losing someone he holds dear. There was an error.

As a philosophy braizl life itself it's something I don't agree with. She is an example of a person whose life turned out to be "in the hands of those erroneous fools", a victim of senseless terrorism.

General Comment I think derekdavies is rigth, the song is a kind social commentary embedded in a kind of tribute to a girl who has been a victim of terrorism. Flag deltasunlight on November 29, Trains to Brazil song meanings. The view expressed that it's aimed at those who don't want to do anything about their current situation and feel more content to complain without action brazl somewhat valid but, even then, it's not really expressed well through the lyrics.

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