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By | 08.10.2018

But once we get past that, we have some updates, a bit of news and then we dive into Star Trek. Another Marvel movie means another spoiler-filled review! We chat about what we liked in the finales, what they resolved or new questions raised,. A few friends joined us at the new location of The Malted Meeple to talk about some of the more interesting movies coming out over the next few months,.

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Even though Kylan and Miss Dawn were keeping themselves busy in Atlanta last weekend, we made sure to get some recording in before they left town.

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Expedition Elsewhere in Canton, Ohio amazingly with very few interruptions. This week we have coverage of the news coming out of New York Comic Con. We talk gerked why we loved him and what he did not only for Marvel and comics, but for pop culture in general. Welcome to the premiere edition of Geek Watch One!

Are any of them worth seeing on the big screen or should you just geekrd until they stream to your TV? And then we have a spoilery review of Guardians of the Galaxy vol.

For comic show geeks, there was the yearly CW crossover, this time with Arrow, Flash and Supergirl meeting Batgirl in an Elseworlds story. Is it the best season yet?

We have a bit of news, some new movie details to mention and plenty of talk about the next chapter of a little space opera. This week we have a grand opening celebration, lots of con news and an array of glowing fists! We are unable to find iTunes on your computer.

Riverside Ramble in Canton, Ohio, so there are updates from our fun weekend to share.

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Andromeda Tempest Ship Replica! Geek Watch One is a podcast covering all things geeks! Clean GW1 — Trailing Around. Netflix came out with the next installment in its Marvel shows this past weekend and, no surprise, we binged it all and want geekfd talk about it.

Happy Anniversary to us! Plus, we actually have mail to talk about and comic book news. We have some small convention recap this week, with storiesfrom Gary Con in Wisconsin! This week we have an interview with a coauthor of Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana, a new visual history of the game.

But first, find out what we were up to over the past week. And Miss Dawn was all about going to the. And we give our review of The Martian, comparing the book to the movie. Click this button to skip to the next video. Deadpool 8 Comic Book Ohpp These two innovative and creative Pacific Northwest companies are proud to combine their passions to create Plus, ghost hunting, gaming and convention news.

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What is Geek Watch One up to now? This week was recorded live from Con on the Cob and we have so much to share! And we thought it only fair to cover the 50th anniversary of Star Trek this time around. This past weekend was Oddmall Chrishanukwanzmadan and we had a great time! We also have some new kickstarter campaigns that friends of GW1. However, Geek Watch One could theoretically be picked up at any time. Music for your Website. Of course, the big story is the huge movie release from last week, Black Panther and we have lots to discuss.

As Kylan and Ken promised each other when this all started, the one year mark means a Buckaroo Banzai episode.

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