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Editing, such as stacking and unstacking, can be done easily. In addition, the "Task Toolbar," a tool that enables users to visualize the work procedures by changing the icon positions following the work process, was enhanced to allow users to create multiple tabs. Disapproving the selective access rights does not affect your rights to use basic features of the service.

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Customer Contacts For customers with an inquiry about our products or services Docuorks Inquiry. They are useful when sending documents in batches at the tray. Disapproving the selective access rights does not affect your rights to use basic features of the service. DocuWorks 8 allows you to manage electronic files like handling paper documents that are lined zerox on a physical desk. View and edit DocuWorks documents With the DocuWorks Viewer, you can view DocuWorks documents as though you are looking at the documents you are holding in your hands.

Furthermore, when it is integrated with the cloud service, we can even access information on the go. DocuWorks files can also be edited with Annotation function.

Astragraphia Document Solution | Distributor Fuji Xerox di Indonesia

The performance to display documents including texts has been improved. Although Viewer Light can be installed on iPad touch fifth generationsufficient performance may not be obtained. DocuWorks 8 is a document handling application unique to Fuji Xerox that allows customers to manage and share information by seamlessly handling electronic documents created with various applications Fujji Office, PDF, etc and paper documents imported from scanners.

Such DocuWorks documents become available to edit by opening on OneDrive accessed on a browser such as Safari. You can identify the target folders more readily and operation mistakes can be minimised.

For smoother operation of DocuWorks Viewer Docuworls, you may approve the following xrrox rights: Simply, securely and with maximum savings at every step. Add attributes and Refined search of files Information such as names of customers and delivery date can be added to DocuWorks files as attributes.

‚ÄéDocuWorks Viewer Light on the App Store

Information Seller Fuji Xerox Co. As an effective tool for managing electronic documents such as MS Office and PDF files, as well as scanned paper documents in a centralized manner, the software has achieved five million licenses as of July in cumulative shipments in Japan, and accounts docusorks a 40 percent share in the personal document management system market. You can add annotations to the DocuWorks Desk workspace to help you visualise document categories and other information for better communication and information sharing.

Contact our sales team. Split workspace - Features of DocuWorks Desk - Files stored in different folders can be displayed concurrently on one screen.

DocuWorks provides easy-to-view document display features and enables smooth document handling, such as searching and editing.

This problem has been corrected.

Fuji Xerox | DocuWorks 8

Tight coordination with PDF xeroox. DocuWorks Desk displays DocuWorks files lined up as if they are documents placed on a physical desk. More efficient searches Task Toolbar "Useful Features" - Features of DocuWorks Desk - The Task Toolbar allows you to register frequently-used DocuWorks features and shortcuts to folders such that you can access them with convenience and work in an intuitive manner.

The problems in some edit operations have been corrected.

Fuji Xerox DocuWorks 8.0

DocuWorks documents can be displayed over the entire monitor for presentation. Equitrac Equitrac intelligent print management docuwofks makes printing work the way you want it to: Overview At your desk 1 Enables centralised management of paper and electronic documents. Not only the markers serox text notepads pasted with Viewer Light, but also the annotations pasted from the beginning can be moved or deleted. Text information is retained in the converted DocuWorks documents, and hence information on commonly used PDF documents within or outside the company can be utilised effectively.

Compatible with smartphones and tablets - Features of DocuWorks Viewer.

Click here for enquiry. Related ApeosWare Management Suite AWMS ApeosWare Management Suite 2 is a software that can manage devices docuwodks their usages, and provides integrated authentication, print output, log accounting, and document distribution. It comprises of an electronic desk DocuWorks Desk and a viewer DocuWorks Viewer for you to view and edit documents on your computer display.

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