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Currently, you can choose to install OIO as a Wordpress plugin or as a standalone script anything that isn't Wordpress! You've now installed OIOpublisher! If you still get errors even after editing the config file, check the troubleshooting section for possible causes and solutions. To update the config. It can be installed as a standalone application or as a WordPress plugin.

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OIOpublisher WordPress Plugin: Manage And Sell Direct Ads

OIOpublisher has proven to be a versatile plugin; even a necessity. Take control of your ad space.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see a default ads section for each zone. What are the benefits? I have used this plugin few years ago, the great part of it is that we can sale direct via our WordPress platform. Option 2 - javascript If you'd prefer, you can simply display ads using a line of javascript. Infact one of the best way a blogger can make a residual income online is through selling of direct ads to advertisers. If you're looking at your site and wondering why you can only see one ad slot on the page, that's because OIO shows only one empty slot by default.

The exact location will vary, depending on your circumstances, but generally you'll want to place it in your website templates. With OIOpublisher, I've been able to hugely reduce my admin time.

If you have customised any other files eg. Paypal is the recommended option, since it offer complete payment automation for OIO.

Browse the Ad Marketplace | OIOpublisher

With OIOpublisher, I've been able to hugely reduce my admin time. Click here to check them now. The first thing you will see when going to the link is that you get a message pubblisher that you need to update the OIO config.

If you use Wordpress, this is a must have plugin. Authored By Harsh Agrawal.

Exactly where to find your FTP details will vary, depending on the host itself. OIO over-delivers on features! Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. You will need to create a new database to use with OIO, and you should write down the details below upon creation:.

Select the directory you'd like to install the script in, and upload the OIO files from your hard drive to that directory. WordPress sidebar widgets In the case of WordPress, OIO provides an ad zone widget that allows you to configure and display pjblisher in the sidebar.

Installing the Ad Manager - OIOpublisher Forum

Upload files via FTP: Please note that you must upload the "oiopub-direct" folder to the "plugins" directory, or the installation will fail. Documentation A series of tutorials to help you get to grips with the OIOpublisher ad manager You'll make it all back and more with your first sale. The file will now open ready for you to edit don't worry if it looks a bit confusing at first.

Thank you for subscribing. You've now installed OIOpublisher! This is where you can place ads that will fill in the gaps until you've received some purchases.

Even though you have a quality website and you are getting a good amount of traffic, you still pubilsher be struggling. You'll be presented with a screen to let you create and modify the ad zone - the first one is already partially setup for you, to give published a head start. You now just need to login to your Wordpress admin area and activate the OIOpublisher plugin.

Just like buysellads, crankyads, OIO has a market place, this is where all the blogs that uses this plugin are being listed.

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