Nahravaci studio

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Ask about the availability. Positive creative vibe in the studio is preferred to anything else: Vocals, drums and bass were recorded in February Marthus Cradle Of Filth. Two apartments for recording bands available in the same house:

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Album is being released by Faust Records. Discounts are possible, mainly in case of non-commercial ambitious projects, last moment orders and returning clients.

Kdo je Luna Music Studio

Local US and British soundengineers are available. Interesting alternative projects welcome! The ultimate didge experimental sound with effects makes incredible grooves.

Gary Lucas g, Cpt. Clients can under certain conditions work with their soundengineers.

We provide remote recording in acoustically or spiritually unique places. One of the best Czech directors Alice Nellis is sturio in the studio Blue.

The taperecorder MCI was used for the mastering - http: Positive creative vibe in the studio is preferred to anything else: It was founded in by Richard Mader, musician and producer. Alice Nellis filming in the studio Blue.

Squeake E Clean N. Collection of vintage guitars, amps, mics and other gear available by agreement.

United Flavour - Derek Fevrier: John Fryer a Ted Parsons. Chris Bondy and the Human Parody. Studio Faust Records Recording studio in Prague. There's also a negative side. The rates are always agreed according to the kind of the project. Sound engineer's fee is always agreed individually typically 14 - 20 USD per hour. Vocals, drums and bass were recorded in February etudio It enables the bands to record live, instruments can separated in isolated rooms, with the possibility of further editing.

Last Moment and Early Bird discounts!

Nahrávací studio

Wide range of the prices depend on the specification of the project, number of rooms, rented equipment and instruments. Alternative funk meets Sepultura. Our studio contribution to the project was the vocals recording of Naravaci.

All our sound engineers and producers are freelance professionals. What has been going on Studio Faust. Legendary guitarist back at Faust Records!

Studio Faust Records - RECORDING STUDIO Czech Republic - Prague

Polyvox and Korg MS 20 in the studio. Two nahravxci for recording bands available in the same house: We also offer special discounts for some non-commercial projects. Sylvia Massy, a long time collaborator of Rick Rubin, is known as one of most innovative recording engineers and producers.

Marthus Cradle Of Filth. Ask about the availability.

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