Nikos vertis an eisai ena asteri

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Thelo Na Me Niosis Live. In the spring of , he started his second round of performances at club "Posidonio" where he remained for the whole summer. De Me Skeftesai Live. For the winter season of , Vertis sang again at club "Posidonion". Pos Perno Ta Vradia Monos.

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Pos Na To Exigiso Live. Gyrises Alla Live Nikos Vertis. Mi Mou Les Live. For the winter season ofVertis sang again at club "Posidonion". The final night was filled with guest appearances by fellow singers and friends such as Antonis RemosGeorge DalarasAntonis Vardis, and other celebrities.

Chords for Nikos Vertis - An eisai ena asteri - English Karaoke

De Ftais Esy Live. Start your 30 day trial now. Se Mena Live Nikos Vertis. The songs "Asteri Mou", "An Feigeis", "San Trelos Sna Agapao" and the title track became radio hits in a short time, while Peggy Zina lent her voice for two duets on the album titled "Eimaste Horia" and "Hanomaste" which were also radio hits.

Pos Perno Ta Vradia Monos. Thymose Apopse I Kardia Live. Kaigomai kai Sigoliono Live Nikos Vertis. Vertis' fifth studio album Ola Einai Edo Everything is here was originally announced to be a February release, [2] but was finally released in early April. Universal Music GreeceHeaven Music.

By the age of 15, he started getting involved with singing. Pos Tolmas Live Nikos Vertis. Pame Psychi Mou Live.

Nikos Vertis

Asteri Mou Live Nikos Vertis. Pes To Mou Xana Live. Views Read Edit View history. Thelo Na Me Niosis Live. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Julythe album was certified platinum, and became double platinum by February Kratise Me Live Nikos Vertis.

He returned to Greece for his military duties, and once completed started getting involved with his love of singing.

At the age of six, Vertis and his family moved to ThessalonikiGreece and at seven, he started playing the Nea. Oso Tha Anapneo Live.

An eisai ena asteri

Den Echo Esena Live. Chronia Live Nikos Vertis.

Fevgo Live Nikos Vertis. Modern LaikaPop. Nikos Vertis in Apokleietai Live Nikos Vertis. Na Me Thymasai Live. Sar Penen Live Nikos Vertis.

Kaigomai kai Sigoliono Live.

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