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The review must be at least 50 characters long. Courier Corporation , - Science - pages. Facts and Speculations of Science by George Gamow. I was also frustrated by the use of imperial units, and more importantly the absence of scientific notation for very large or small numbers. Sep 02, Kristen Anton added it.

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The Creation of the Universe. I love laymen science and this is the best I've read. In conclusion, if you are not familiar with some basic science term, maybe you ought to go back and read it again before reading this book. His science, rivets like a jackhammer, pounding out universal revelations with each new page.

Brimming with amusing anecdotes and provocative problems, One Two Three. Despite not even being a native speaker of English, he writes better than any of them.

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First Gamow tackled topics from various fields of science infinkty as genetics, particle physics and astronomy in a quite entertaining way. There was a young fellow named, Fisk; Whose fencing was exceedingly brisk; So fast was his action; The Fitz-Gerald contraction; Reduced his rapier to a disk.

Please thrwe your cart. He was one of the first people to see that the Big Bang made sense he made large contributions to the theoryand he explains it well in the final chapter. Hope somebody can comment. An Illustrated Guide to Relativity. Simple Experiments in Atmospheric Physics.

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References to this book The Art of the Intelligible: It is highbrow entertainment at its best, a teasing challenge to all who aspire to think about the universe.

He discovered alpha decay via quantum tunneling and worked on radioactive geeorge of the atomic nucleus, star formation, stellar nucleosynthesis, big bang nucleosynthesis, cosmic microwave background, nucleocosmogenesis and genetics.

More Experiments in Atmospheric Physics. A Briefer History of Time. And I was impressed to see how many things he got right.

Excellent read for anyone interested in physics, maths and philosophy. At that stage physical science will enter from the epoch of Columbus and Magellan into the epoch of the National Geographic Magazine! So fast was his action, The Fitzgerald contraction Reduced his rapier to a disk. Apr 08, Nick Black rated it liked it. Infinity, as in his other books, George Gamow succeeds where others fail because of his remarkable ability to combine technical accuracy, choice of material, dignity of expression, and readability.

Game, Set and Math: How Old Is the Universe? Of course other topics were covered in depth, but unfortunately did not require one to think and some were not covered at all. Infinity, as in his other books, George Gamow succeeds where others fail because of his remarkable ability to combine technical accuracy, choice of material, dignity of expression, and readability. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Still, t Written in and last updated inGamow's overview of the postwar state of the art in mathematics, physics, biology, and astronomy is lucid, if occasionally challenging, with charming illustrations by the author scattered through the text. They are stylistically weak, the authors alternate between patronising you and gwo you with anecdotes from their dull lives, and gzmow all the science isn't well done: I am almost certain I read this when I was a kid, because I'm pretty sure I remember the bit about Hilbert's hotel.

April 26, Imprint: Gamow, one of the greatest physicists of 20th century, whose passion for the maths and science is communicated in this book, whether explaining the wonders of infinite series, or how to locate a hidden pirate's treasure chest using imaginary numbers. How to write a great review. Science writer Willy Ley praised Gamow's book, describing it as an infinitu rare

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