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The planets are perfect tile-based approximations of 8-bit pixels, albeit with huge, widescreen playing fields. Trust me, if you love Mega Man or other 2D platformers then you will not regret it. It is nowhere near the difficulty level of, say, a game like Super Meat Boy, but it is still fairly tough. It's as if a classic arcade-era game is born just today, and it's really fun to play.

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Skip to main content. JumpJet Rex brings back that delightful concept of a cutesy setup being used as a vessel for diabolical evil. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. PlayStation 4 rxe, Xbox One. He didn't quite get to that point with Jump Jet Rex, but he thought about it reeeal hard.

Ask anyone who bought the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, expecting a fun, breezy time for jum;jet whole family, jympjet watch the thousand-yard stare wash over them like the evening tide. The game never gets too difficult save for the final, checkpointless stage which is a borderline platform hell level, which is a bit frustrating but apart from the final area there is little sense of progression.

For people that like Retro-Style games.

The final boss has two phases, and the first phase regenerates, making it easily the hardest boss in the game. Worth the price if you like fast paced platform games. I may have not been born in the 90s or even the 80s, but I really love jumojet games where they create amazing treasured gems like this.

JumpJet Rex Review

While this game is a little to difficult for the perfectionist in me, I will not hesitate to give it a glowing review to any one interested. Around halfway through, jupmjet game ceases to be fun.

The stages get gradually harder, but only the final nine stages really feel all that different from what came before. JumpJet Jumpjrt - Launch Trailer. In it, the dinosaurs were advanced enough to master space travel, sending up a lone, rocket boot-wearing T-rex to go explore the galaxy.

JumpJet Rex is an unforgiving, twitchy game that reminds me very much of older games that get real hard, real jumpiet. Oh, and to explore a couple dozen random planetoids along the way. To rate and review, sign in.

Twitchy, ultra responsive platforming at its finest. While Jjmpjet could go for a little more variety in terms of the overarching goals it presents, I still found myself jumping in constantly to best my last ghost run even after the credits rolled. All this publication's reviews. How you found the violation and any other useful info.

Review: JumpJet Rex

More interestingly, most projectiles can also be destroyed by your attacks, allowing you to defend yourself from them. All ratings All ratings 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star. Additional terms Xbox Live code of conduct Terms of transaction. One small step for dinosaurs, one giant leap to probably get shot by lasers. No Online Multiplayer Cheats: All reviews All reviews Most recent.

The core gameplay is fairly simple — the central premise is that you have a pair of rocket boots, meaning you can jump an infinite amount of times in the air, boost yourself straight up at a high rate, boost yourself sideways at a high rate which launches a mid-range projectile in the opposite directionor do a butt stomp to deal damage to something below you.

JumpJet Rex is a punishing, old school 2-Dplatformer where players take control of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with extraterrestrial jump boots to save dino-kind from extinction by a giant asteroid. Using these abilities, your mission in each stage is to pass through a specified number of gates to open up the finish line, where you earn a star.

JumpJet Rex

You likely won't earn two of the three stars that way, but eventually you can brute force your way to the completion medal, which is enough to get you by for jmupjet of the game until you go back and do things properly -- even boss fights have optional checkpoints that save throughout subsequent phases. JumpJet Rex is more than just an amazingly cute dinosaur. Lumo Rated 3 uumpjet of 5 stars. If you were born after the NES was in its heyday, the sparkly throwbacks now being released every couple of weeks might give you the impression that the era was just all killer, no filler for 10 beautiful years.

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