Fsbuild 2.3

By | 23.12.2018

Works fine for me, a great flight planning tool. I think it's in the tab at the bottom. I save the config at the end of every process, but it always comes back with the error message that it is unable to export the FMC file. Route Plotted over World Map after each Flight plan build. I have located the root FSX folder every time, and then had some doubled up messages re the address line.

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Can define display of airways that pass over a specified Navaid, for easier route planning via the Map. You must first have FSBuild 2.

FSBuild and iFly

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Brian Beach Posts: Board index General General Discussion. If you don't see the "paths listed for ALL the add ons under the FS folder browser button that is a clue you don't have the FS root set.

Tom Bergman Hemisphere Virtual Airlines www. Plan Mode for manual creation of Flight plans using Map view display.

FS Build - PMDG MD (Legacy Version) - The AVSIM Community

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. After finally getting the pland to build and export - by pressing save config in the Settings page after every action my pride brought me to an immediate fall! I've read all about FS Build and how awesome it is. Vsbuild Ian, If I understand you correctly X-Plane had the biggest problem. Other currencies shown as reference only!

Firstl- y I tried evaluation version of FS Navigator and found it's user fsbuikd "user hostile" - Downloading and starting to use FS Build things looked more promising other than I am a "map" kind of person and likes to look at the route I intend to fly. Its main drawbacks are: At any rate, I was unable to successfully use it for X-Plane.

FSbuild files should all be in one folder. Automatically selects or low high alt airway routes based on cruise altitude. This program is a great flight planner that can generate a large number of plans between well known airports.

When you're done copy and post your fsbuild2. Return to General Discussion.

how do you set fsbuild to work in fsx

I managed to do as Vaughan pointed out, by having the upgrade endup in a separate foldeer within FSBuild. Has FSBuild exported a corrupt file because of a possibly stuffed up installation. Exporting fbuild flight plans to several FlightSim, and FlightSim add-on formats.

No, I use fsbuild with FSX, works like a charm. You can post new topics in this forum Fabuild can reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

I tried it for use with both X-Plane 7. Search specified Map area for Navaids, and Airways, search results can be inserted into the flight plan. FSBuild also uses winds aloft fsbuipd gives you required trip fuel taxi, hold, reserve etc. Let's take it from the top - I think your installation got hosed when you installed the 2.

I save the config at the end of every process, but it always comes back with the error message that it is unable to export the FMC file. Does it do flight planning - well YES, however if you are used to looking at a map or enjoy using a map give this one a wide berth it's not for you.

File Library - What's New. I have asked on the FSBuild forum for assistance on this topic. I would just like to thank all of you who have gone to the trouble to get me over my troubles with FSBuild, not just here but in the FSBuild forum.

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