Autovue 20.2.2

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If you use this software in dangerous applications, then you shall be responsible to take all appropriate fail-safe, backup, redundancy and other measures to ensure the safe use of this software. Be the first to comment. You can just run the installer for AutoVue Set to 1 to load but not display hidden entities. Refer to "Documentation Updates" for more information.

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Set the alignment of text in each field. If you are upgrading from a previous release and you select default installation, the Example Client Application will not be installed. The integrations backward compatibility option dms. New Format Support AutoVue Click here to read about the latest features and their corresponding benefits.

Administrivia Scrolling or Zooming with the Mouse Wheel in AutoVue I've heard a few questions on this lately, so I thought it would be a good idea to summarize the status of things here.

AutoVue 20.2.2 is Now Available!

Set to 0 to disable the loading and display of intermediate CGM autovvue. If loading the client on Windows 7, there maybe situations where the icons do not display. Stamping does not work in 3D files. Set to 0 to use the Xerces XML parser. When there is large spacing between characters, you can increase the value assigned to the INI option.

In order to ensure that our development efforts are focused on strategic file formats and versions, as well as high-value functionalities, we have dropped support ajtovue a number of low demand formats and versions in past AutoVue releases.

Table 2 New jvueserver. Improvements to the Stamp Designer includes: AutoVue now exits markup creation mode after you create a markup entity.

Remotely uninstall AutoVue 20.2.2 without user interaction

INI option FolderPermissions has been de-supported for security reasons. Showing less detail in views might improve the performance: If drawings contain a background image, AutoVue displays it, but does not print this background image. Wutovue Markup Object Rotate - Autvoue functionality to select and rotate all markup entities has been removed. Refer to SUN bug: Set a specific bounding box for each field. I've heard a few questions on this lately, so I thought it would be a good idea to summarize the status of things here.

Allow hotspots in 2D auttovue and images to be defined as boxes, rather than only by text strings to: This document helps the system integrator in deciding which technology to use in order to integrate with AutoVue.

Support cases where the underlying document has no textual information Tiff or scanned document. Set to 1 to enable loading of layers in IGES files containing layer information.

Release Notes, Release Stamps can now be defined to have fields that store their values locally or in the back-end system.

AutoVue is Now Available! | Oracle AutoVue Enterprise Visualization Blog

The Intellistamp markup entity has been renamed to Stamp. Additional space will be required by AutoVue for storing other data such as streaming files and markups.

Conversion to the following formats has been removed: RGB 51, 50, 46 For version Wildfire5: Application Server The VueServlet has been certified on the following qutovue servers: AutoVue does not print layers that are marked "non-printable". Set to 0 to merge all single faces together into one body. It describes a variety of common integration scenarios and recommends the best approach to use in each scenario.

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