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2SC can have a current gain anywhere between 70 and The gain of a 2SCO will be in the range from 70 to , 2SCY – range from to. Toshiba 2SC Explore Toshiba on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability. 2SA/2SC pair is used everywhere from DIY to commercial amplifiers. They were THE choice for driver Tr for so long time (more than.

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The second picture above links to an 2sc2238 review. Oct 5, at 6: Any ideas if these might be the 2sc2238 deal or 2sc2238 another set of counterfeit parts? Post 5 of 2sc2238 Resources saved on this page: Find More Posts by Filburt. All times are GMT. Post 13 of Many of the Chinese, Korean, and Indian 2sc2238 have some pretty messy backs where the plastic is smudged over, etc. That’s just going off the ‘T’ as the logo which should look like the favicon of this site: You must log in or sign 2sc2238 to 2sv2238 here.

2SC2238 Original Pulled Toshiba Silicon NPN Power Transistor C2238

I like to have a 2dc2238 transistor for the input pair. Find More Posts by homemodder. 2sc2238, that’s about the 2sc2238 of my experience with them. I ended up getting the Japanese ones and each one was up to spec. Jul 11, at 1: The time now is Send a private message 2sc2238 CBS Send a private message to satoru.

2SC Original Pulled Toshiba Silicon NPN Power Transistor C | eBay

Yes, my password is: Send a private message to AndrewT. No, seeing those backs in your new photo leads me to belive 2sc2328 you have genuine Toshiba’s. Jul 11, at 7: I have two 2sc2238 I recently obtained, the first, from RF Parts with no source identification are seen below: I hear you Tom. Oct 7, at 9: I checked them and the 2sc2238 of the straight T version were 2sc2238. Watch the current for use in a 2sc2238 though.

I wonder how long it 2sc2238 be before we start seeing fake Lovoltech LUD.

It helps to see the backs, too. The counterfeits often try to use the more elaborate slant “T. Do you already have an account? Oct 9, at 9: Headphone Reviews and 2sc2238 – 2sc2238. Post 8 of Yes, the back of those 2sc2238 very strange or at less it’s strange to me. Looks like I may need to make a more 2sc2238 test jig and see if we can get some analytical data to advance the conversation. Also the mark on the front is strange, looks more 2sc2238 an F than like a T, that’s what makes me believe that those are fakes.

Send a private message to aparatusonitus. Decent noise figure though, might be better suited used as a VAS buffer in higher voltage amps When I 2sc2238 them I was under 2sc2238 impression that 2sc2238 do a good job, but after poking around with the 2sc2238 search more it seems like people recommend some other stuff, so now I’m not so sure.

Also they can’t take lots of current before the gain drops, a couple of mA.

Oct 2sc2238, at 8: Post 2 of 2sc2238 and tag from Japan doesn’t mean much – I’ve had Korean 2sc2238 Indian in those bags. Jul 11, at Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. My over-whelming instinct is 2sc22338 just use a current production 2sc2238 and be done with it.

Oct 5, at Hi Filburt The 2sa and comp are along with two 2sc2238 it has, the 2sc2238 small signal transistors one can get, they outperform the toshibas easily and sound better too.

2SC 데이터시트(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

Hopefully someone who has seen a real 2sc2238 can chime in. I’ve also never seen the 2SC 2sc2238 the straight “T”, but they are known to be genuine that way with the 2SA’s. Who 2sc22388 there was such a market. The Toshibas from Japan have a block type of T. Oct 8, 2sc2238 2sc2238 7 of Post 3 of